White Blankets

Well, on February 19, we finally got our first winter snow! About 3 - 4 inches blanketed Richmond and up the East coast to Northern Virginia.

However, the cold weather didn't visit for long. It is back in the high 40s today and the snow is quickly melting back into the ground.

 Because it has been such a mild winter thus far, not only are the daffodils confused....

 but so is Potter!

On the topic of white blankets, check out our new find for the Red Room from World Market. This is a great, soft throw to protect our antique chair from the kitty-kids (as well as provide them a nice sleeping spot since they practically own the Red Room) until we have the chair reupholstered. 

I'm having trouble deciding on the fabric for the chair. We recently had the ottoman reupholstered in this vibrant red/gold print. I was thinking I'd go with a quieter print or solid in a matching red for the chair, and then add a throw pillow in the red/gold to tie it all together.

Or maybe I should go bold and hunt down more of the red/gold print and do the entire chair in the same fabric. 
What do you think?


  1. Go matchy matchy!

  2. I like the red and gold print. Go for it!