Better Off Red

Between jewelry commissions and massage therapy appointments, I don’t often have much time to spare, but this summer I decided to do fewer art festivals so that I’d have more time to work on the old farmhouse.
Recently, I painted our tool shed doors a lovely shade of burgundy red. Red is one of my favorite colors and the barn-door style called for this classic color. Because it hadn’t been painted for at least 20 years, I started out with a generous coat of thick, tinted primer, which happened to be the color of pepto-bismol!
What do you think?

I managed to finish painting on the sicky-pink primer by late afternoon… just in time for my husband to pull into the driveway and discover what I had done.  From inside the house, I could hear him laughing out loud at the ostentatious color of his tool shed doors. Not such a manly entrance to his man-cave now. No-sir-eee.

In the end, in spite of several rounds of belly laughter, we both agreed that the doors were definitely better off red. So a few days later…


I love our red shed doors.

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