WEDDING BLISS for a Mister and a Miss

On May 15, 2010,
two hearts that were one,
became one on paper, too.

With 125 guests in attendance, our prayers were answered for a sunny day on the lake.

The Mister made his entrance as a single man via boat.

He marched his handsome butt up from the dock to the platform where we were to be married in front of the lake. The platform was built by his own two hands. He is a talented carpenter, that husband of mine!

My niece and nephew did an amazing job as flower girl and ring-bearer.

My Dad escorted me toward the arms of my husband-to-be.

We were supported with love from so many family members and friends.

Towards the end of the ceremony, just as we were saying our vows, a family of geese decided to swim by with their two off-spring and give us their blessings, as well.

As the afternoon sun peaked overhead, we celebrated our nuptials and danced to Gypsy Roots Swing  (a band that the Mister and I listened to on several of our first dates).

We dined on a smorgasboard of food and drink – mostly vegetarian.  Everything was so delicious! Especially the cupcake I licked off my face…

 I guess I had that one coming, though.

As the Mister and I made our get-away, we were showered (really, I mean pummeled) with hundreds of sunflower seeds. 

Then we stepped into the boat a married couple  and drifted off together on the lake.

***All photos were taken by the very talented, Dreama Camphuysen.***

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  1. That was such a wonderful wedding! Just looking at the pictures reminded us of how beautiful and handsome you two looked that day. Hard to believe it has been two years already.