Yellow Room Makeover Re-Cap

 This multi-purpose room is a study that can convert to a guest-room in a flash. 


 I do love red but the color was just too dark for this small, cramped, 9x9 room.

 I had to fix the plaster walls before I could prime them. 

To find out how many coats of paint it took me to cover the red, Click HERE.

The walls are painted Lemon Parfait by Valspar to brighten the space.

I rearranged the furniture and added a modern area rug. 

Adding artwork to the walls and hanging a shelf of travel curios completes this cozy book-nook. 

Handmade artwork, a framed blue morpho butterfly, and a mirror from Morocco add pops of turquoise blue, gold, yellow and green.

My original "Turtle Drum" painting finds the perfect space between birdy prints by LeeArtHaus. Overall the room feels so much bigger and brighter in this cheery shade of yellow.

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